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Company Profile

Shenzhen Hichong Technology Co.,Ltd is China's development, production and sale of components and backbone enterprises Hall Hall sensor. The company is in the original plant in Nanjing semiconductor device on and grow up a joint-stock enterprise. Now it is the only designated military components Hall, Hall sensor research and production units.

To integrity, innovation and cooperation as a corporate purposes, and in 2001 passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system, the establishment of a Hall sensor is the only consistent military standard production line, and in 2002 by the military standard production line certification. 


  1. HNC 25LTR current sensor

    HNC 25LTR current se...

    Model: HNC25LTSR

    Rated measuring current: 6-25A

    Output voltage: 2.5V±0.625V

  2. HDC2000EB Series Hall Current Sensor

    HDC2000EB Series Hal...

    Model: HDC2000EB

    Rated measuring current: 50~1600A

    Output voltage: ±12V~±15

  3. HDC2000GA Series Hall Current Sensor

    HDC2000GA Series Hal...

    Model: HDC2000GA

    Rated measuring current: 1000~2000A

    Output voltage: 4V±1% at If(RL=10KΩ)

  4. HDC3000H detachable current sensor series

    HDC3000H detachable ...

    Model: HDC3000H

    Rated measuring current: 600~3000A

    Output voltage: 4V

  5. HDC-1000LF Series Hall Current Sensor

    HDC-1000LF Series Ha...

    Model: HDC-1000LF

    Rated measuring current: 100~1000A

    Output voltage: 4V

  6. HDC1000F/C/S/AD Hall Current Sensor

    HDC1000F/C/S/AD Hall...

    Model: HDC1000F/C/S/AD

    Rated measuring current: 200A-1000A

    Output voltage: 4~20mA

  7. HDC600N Series Hall Current Sensor

    HDC600N Series Hall ...

    Model: HDC600N

    Rated measuring current: 100~600A

    Output voltage: 4V

  8. HDC-200LT Series Hall Current Sensor

    HDC-200LT Series Hal...

    Model: HDC-200LT

    Rated measuring current: 100~600A

    Output voltage: 4V

  9. HDC500E/C Hall Current Sensor

    HDC500E/C Hall Curre...

    Model: HDC500E/C

    Rated measuring current: 100~500V

    Output voltage: 4~20mA

  10. HNC-25SY Series Hall Current Sensor

    HNC-25SY Series Hall...

    Model: HDC-25SY

    Rated measuring current: 0~25A

    Output voltage: 4V